June 4, 2020

About IOM Turkey’s Public Information Team

A diverse group of storytellers, photographer/videographers, graphic designers, and communications professionals, we are dedicated to sharing stories about migration issues in Turkey. As the world’s largest refugee-hosting country, Turkey hosts Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, and migrants from many other countries. Our organization runs programmes that help them directly, and develops the capacity of the Turkish authorities to improve migrants’ access to health, education, and other essential social services.

We document this work, current migration-related events and trends, and advocate for the social and economic inclusion of migrants in Turkish society. Through our stories, we hope to shed light on the migrant experience and influence decision-makers to adopt a more positive narrative.


About IOM Turkey

IOM Turkey, the UN Migration Agency first opened its offices in Turkey in 1991 following the aftermath of the Gulf War. IOM’s partnership with the Republic of Turkey was formalized in November 2004 when Turkey was granted member status to IOM.  The partnership between IOM and Turkey continued since then, including support drafting the Law of Foreigners and International Protection, as well as establishing the Ministry of Interior’s Directorate General for Migration Management in 2013.

Now in its 29th year of operations in Turkey, the mission addresses the full scope of migration issues, supporting and developing government capacity to manage migration.

Initially focusing its attention on resettlement for Iraqi refugees in the 1990s, IOM Turkey later expanded in response to the devastating earthquake of 2011 in Van to include emergency response programmes. The mission’s emergency response programmes have continued to grow rapidly since 2012 and 2015 with the start of the Syrian crisis and Mediterranean crisis.

Alongside IOM’s role in addressing the needs of migrants during crises, the mission works in close collaboration with the Government of Turkey to address the longer-term impact of migration, including migrant assistance programmes, labour integration and migration management, immigration and border management and research and data collection on migrant movement.

Our resettlement programme has also grown to play an important role in the process of resettling refugees abroad through cultural orientation, medical checks and flight arrangements to third countries.

With almost 30 years of operational experience in Turkey, the Mission is now one of the largest globally and has more than 1,000 staff working across the country, with sub-offices in Istanbul, Gaziantep, Hatay, Sanliurfa and Izmir and head office in Ankara.


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